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Wide® - wireless deadman handle

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Designed by All4jet, this brand new Wide Dead Man Cordless Handle, ergonomically designed, battery-free (zero recharge), shock-resistant and oil-resistant, and very lightweight and compact, has been developed specifically for refuelling operations.


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Used 8 hours a day everyday, the deadman handle is the aircraft refuelling operator's best friend. Among the variety of solutions available on the market, the wireless handles allows to move freely around the area without the fall risk due to the wire laying around.

The WiDe® deadman handle is a brand new ergonomical wireless handle which, on top of the benefits listed above, reduces the risks of musculoskeletal disorders thanks to its light weight and effortless handling. On top of that, there is no battery ! No need to reload it every day and no risk of a power shortage while operating a refuelling.

Because aircraft refuelling could be a rough and dangerous environment, we made with shockproof material and an ATX sensor to protect the handle itself and your people.

Last but not least, we conceived it to be retrofitable on any refuelling vehicle already in operation !


Main Benefits :

-          - Ergonomy : light weight and effortless handling

-         -  Practicality : no battery so no reload, retrofitable on any vehicle already in operation, exists in wire version

-         -  Robustness : Shockproof material

-          - Safety : ATEX sensor and wireless