Pneumatic diaphragm pump graco husky 515 1/2'' npt


Ref.All4Jet : PC262-00004

Previous.ref : PC262-00004

Ref.maker : HUSKY 515 243669 SERIE C

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The Husky 515, 12.7 mm (1/2 in.) double diaphragm pump operates at a very low pressure of 1.4 bar (0.14 MPa, 20 psi) and can be made of groundable acetal, polypropylene and PVDF. The Husky 515 pneumatic double diaphragm pump is equipped with a low-pulsation, non-stop air valve for fast and smooth switching. The design of the cover screwed through the liquid eliminates leaks and makes the Husky safer by providing it with greater reliability. Application: Reinjection pump for the recovery tank and sampler jar on an oil-server or bunker Advantages of the Husky 515 double diaphragm pump - Output options at the end and center. - No mechanical seals causing defects or liquid leaks - Quiet operation at less than 85 dBa thanks to an easy-to-use remote sound attenuator that significantly reduces the sound level - Easy-to-maintain air valve and ball check valves Operates from 20 psi (1.4 bar, 0.14 MPa) Optional separation manifold for pumping several liquids without mixing them Connection: NPT 1/2'''.




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