Elaflex hose certificate / 10 years / Conductivity and pressure test

Ref.All4Jet : PC022-00007

Previous.ref : PC022-00007

Certificate of conformity ISO 1825 / EI 1529 for Elaflex hose in accordance with ADR. Validity: 10 years.

Cannot be ordered alone. A certificate cannot be ordered post-delivery.

Available within 4 to 6 weeks

Price - €HT

The order of this product subjects to territoriality and importation's conditions.

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Aviation hose compliance certificate to ISO 1825 / EI 1529 for: - Pressure test at 40 bar for 10min - Electrical continuity This certificate is compliant with the Hazrdous goods transportation agreement (ADR). It is valid for 10 years on every aviation fuelling site in France and in a foreign country.