Preset VR 7889 for mechanical readout VR7887


Ref.All4Jet : PC280-00025

Previous.ref : PC280-00025

Ref.maker : 0788901-904

Le préréglage du compteur de la série 7889 est utilisé dans les applications de débit de fluide où l'on souhaite fermer une vanne après le passage d'une quantité prédéterminée de liquide.

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The Series 7889 Meter Preset is used in fluid flow applica tions where it is desired to close a valve after a pre determined amount of liquid has passed through. The rugged two-stage preset quantity control for high speed volume deliveries.Counts down from a preset quantity.First stage knockoff slows delivery before the second stage shuts off the delivery system at zero.The first stage (or slowdown) knockoff can be field adjusted to calculate 3 to 9, or from 10 to 90 in increments of 10. How / When to use it ? Preset number can be easily set with one hand.Stop button provides immediate positive control of shutoff, for emergency shutdown.Interlocks block system until pump valve is opened.Mechanical knockoff is standard, electrical knockoff optional.Available in 4 or 5 figures.The 7887 register counter is required for operation.