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OPW 295SAJ0200 overwing nozzle - FEMALE 1"1/2 NPT


Ref.All4Jet : PC292-00002

Previous.ref : PC292-00002

Ref.maker : 295SAJL-0200

The OPW aluminium nozzle allows jet transactions to be carried out at pressure of up to 110 psi (7.58 bar) maximum. It has interchangeable tips to fit all aircraft outlets. This model is only delivered with the flat tip.

Available within 3 to 5 weeks

Price - €HT

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·       Aluminum Body - lighter weight, easier to maneuver.

·       Dual Poppets - easy-to-open nozzle against high inlet pressures.

·       Color-Coded Composite Lever Guards - helps distinguish between AVGAS and Jet A. Easily replaced in lever guard kit.

·       Right Angle Design - provides larger lever area for better grip and easier control.

·       Vinyl-Coated Lever - insulates fingers against cold.

·       100 Mesh Strainer - prevents foreign matter from entering fuel tank; easy to remove and clean.

·       Dust Cap - keeps spout free from dirt and stops fuel drippage when connected.

·       Adjustable Dash Pot - permits adjusting the main poppet closure rate over a wide range of flows to overcome line shock with minimum afterflow.

·       Easily Replaced Spout - the spout is easily threaded into the body. Replacement spouts are readily available from OPW.

·       Built-In Swivel - eliminates twisting and kinking of the hose. This swivel is electroless nickel-plated and has full-bearing surfaces.

·       NPT Female Threads at Inlet End of 295SA - accepts all 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" male connections.

·       NPT Female Threads at Inlet End of 295SAJ - accepts all 1-1/2" male connections.

·       Unique Jet Aircraft Spout Design of 295SAJ - to help prevent inadvertent fueling of piston engine aircraft with turbine fuel.

·       Ground Wire Assembly - included on all aviation nozzles.

Design working pressure

·       110 psi (7.58 bar) maximum pressure


·       Body: Cast Aluminum

·       Main Stem: Stainless Steel

·       Stem Seal: Buna-N O-Ring

·       Disc: Viton®

·       Spout: Aluminum




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Documentation OPW 295

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all4jet ref manufacturer ref old ref Product Name price quantity Cart
PC293-00017 PC293-00017 PC293-00017 Embout plat jet a1 1 pouce 1/2 pour opw 295 sajl -€HT
PC293-00018 PC293-00018 OPW 297SA (9060) Round spout for OPW 295 JET nozzle M1''1/2 - Ø41 - 178mm -€HT