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EMCO WHEATON G180-PSTB overwing nozzle + round & jet spouts


Ref.All4Jet : PC292-00003

Previous.ref : PC292-00003

Ref.maker : G 180- PSTB

Le pistolet G180 de Emco Wheaton permet de changer les becs (embouts) en moins de 5 secondes. Ce pistolet est livré avec deux embouts permettant d'adapter le pistolet.

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Emco Wheaton's G180 overwing nozzles allows you to change spouts (tips) in less than 5 seconds. This nozzle is delivered with two spouts to adapt it.

How/When to use it ?

Specifications :

  • 3 quick change spout configurations (1"", 1.5"" and flared are available and interchangeable)
  • Quick Spouts change mechanism
  • Elastomeric Ring




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all4jet ref manufacturer ref old ref Product Name price quantity Cart
PC292-00004 PC292-00004 800206 Main valve seal kit EMCO WHEATON G180 - 800206 -€HT
PC292-00052 PC292-00052 800616 100mesh strainer for nozzle EMCO WHEATON G180 -€HT
PC292-00060 PC292-00060 800613 Adapter seal kit EMCO WHEATON G180-PTSB -€HT
PC292-00073 PC292-00073 800212 Swivel seal kit for EMCO WHEATON G180 - 800212 -€HT